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Frequently Asked Questions

We are working on putting together our FAQ page. Please don't be too critical since this is our first cut at it, but if you have any questions, comments, etc. email us, and we will be happy to answer it and possibly add it to this page.
  • How do I change my password?
    • If you forgot or would like to change your password, use the Forgot/Change Password to do it. You will need to remember your security question and answer and have access to the email account you used when you registered. If you don't remember your security question and answer, email us from your registered email account and we will send it to you.

  • How do I add more domains/keywords?
    • All users can enter up to at least 20 keywords, but only registered users can add additional domains. Registered users can have up to 20 domains and 25 keywords per domain. This gives a total of 500 keywords that can be tracked. Registered users can also post to our forums and create their own profiles. Visit our simple sign-up page to create a free account

  • Why we do it?
    • We've been there. Checking page rank for 20+ terms or more everyday and having to log the results on a spreadsheet to track movements. Our site has made our life easier and will hopefully do the same for you.

  • What does our SERP keyword tool look like?
    • We've included a screen shot of our tool being used by us. Note how we track your rank and change in rank. On the right side we show you detailed results including competitor domains. We also do on-page SEO checks for whether your keyword is in the title and description of each result.

    WhatsmySERP.com sample screenshot

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